Plainview Apartments - PLAINVIEW IS PLAIN AWFUL ... Don't do it.

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So...I own my own business and have had a fabulous experience with NTS's commercial side, whom we lease our commercial property through. I genuinely thought that since I have had such a good experience w/their commercial side and you get a discount is you rent both office and apartment space from them it would be a win-win. SOOOO WRONG... Well 1st before I go any further please read this-- because it is true. />

Plainview Apartments aren't the best looking apartments on the outside. But they definitely start to look worse when 1/2 through my 1 1/2 year lease some teenager spray painted a massive *** on the sidewalk it has been at least 6 months now, and still obvious as can be. I bring co-workers over to my apartment and professionals the last impression I want my friends and others to get is that I live in an apartment where the type of people who stay there spray paint ***'s all over the side walk-- what classy tennants. The pool is over-run with 12 year olds, it's not a young fun and hip crowd. It's like they try to make it look quasi-luxury, and renovated but the apartments personality hasn't changed. The funniest though is the staff, very well dressed -- but for this type of property they sure know how to grossly over charge. It's like a KIA trying to act like a BMW -- when obviously it's not.

All of that ok-- not good but not definitely not enough to write a pissed consumer report. THAT IS UNTIL YOU MOVE OUT.

By far the worst is the move out process. IT IS A NIGHTMARE. No matter if you take 3 days and hire a cleaning company to clean your carpets b/c you read the report above and thought you could "out smart" them. BTW, yes I did do that. No you can't avoid it. over $1000 dollars. Really. Apparently there was some "ware and tear" and a tiny spot on the carpet; therefor the logical thing to do is re-carpet THE ENTIRE 1500 sq. foot apartment. Really.

I know a scam when I see one. I get "cleaning fees" or whatever, but there is NO way a small stain requires the entire apartment be re-carpeted. Will someone please explain this logic to me. And it's so funny I remember when we 1st moved in the management "bragged" about the fact the apartment had just been re-carpeted. Shocker. Everyone's apartment get's re-carpeted whether it's warranted or not. I run my own business, if you want a good reputation it starts with Integrity. Trying to scam people to re-carpet the ENTIRE apartment for a discoloration is a rip off. Forget security deposit they should just ask up front for a re-carpeting deposit of $900, that would do. Just tell me you're scamming me in the beginning not the end (please note sarcasm).

Honestly, TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE in the end -- there are better places. I promise.

My question is -- Is this just a Plainview Apartment Scam -OR- NTS Residential apartments thing??? I wish NTS's commercial side of business actually took over the apartments, it would have probably been a much better experience. I do hope the BBB knows about this because obviously this needs to be fixed and it starts with their management.

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